Feline Wellness: 11 reasons why keeping your cat indoors is a good idea

Ah, the age-old debate:

Keep your cat indoors, safe from harm (and extend their life by five to ten + years), or let them roam free like the mini wild beasts they were born to be (… and put them at risk of premature death, injury and illness).

It’s a tough call. And honestly, it’s one that I can’t make for you, or even attempt to advise you on. It’s a decision that you and you alone are qualified to make.

But in case you were searching for a few reasons why it might be worth cutting your cat’s ties with freedom …

Here are 11 reasons why keeping your cat indoors might be a good idea:

  1. Cats that live outdoors have an average life expectancy of between two to five years.
  2. Meanwhile, cats that are kept indoors can live up to 15 years. (I know somebody who has a 22-year-old indoor cat.)
  3. Cats that roam outdoors are at a greater risk of being hit by cars, motorbikes and other vehicles.
  4. Indoor cats are kept safe from other territorial cats and predators such as dogs.
  5. Outdoor cats have a greater chance of catching infectious diseases, many of which are life-threatening. (Please note: It’s still important you talk to your vet about getting your indoor cat vaccinated as some viruses are airborne and do not require direct contact with an infected host in order for the disease to be transmitted.)
  6. Indoor cats are less likely to be affected by parasites such as fleas and ticks.
  7. Outdoor cats can be trapped, hurt and stolen by unhappy neighbours and individuals with nasty intentions.
  8. Outdoor cats have been known to hunt native wildlife and endanger already at-risk species.
  9. Owners that keep their cats indoors are able to keep a closer eye on their health and wellness and take preventative care of their pets.
  10. Indoor cats are less likely to be poisoned by anti-freeze, rat bait and other toxins.
  11. Additionally, VetMed believes that indoor cats are no less satisfied, entertained or fulfilled than outdoor cats and can happily lead a healthy, long and blissful life in a home that has been carefully tailored their needs.

Need some tips on crafting a boredom-free and blissfully zen abode for your kitty? Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post!

Source: VetMed 

Disclaimer: Please consult your trusted vet or holistic animal health expert before making any changes to your pet’s diet or lifestyle. While I aim to offer well-researched and balanced articles, I am by no means as well-informed as your veterinarian. Please use your own inner guidance and the wisdom of the pro’s when making decisions regarding your pet’s wellbeing.

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