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Feline Behaviour: Nine signs your indoor cat is bored

Cats. Love ’em, or hate ’em (but, really, how is that even possible?), according to the interwebs, we’re still undeniably obsessed with them. And why wouldn’t we be? Between the soft cuteness, the feisty sass and the huggable-sized deliciousness, they’re pretty darn irresistible. So, naturally, it’ll come as no surprise that cats are arguably the most popular…

Catit Senses Play Circuit

Review: Catit Senses Play Circuit

Product: Catit Senses Play Circuit Price: $29.59 (I bought mine from My Pet Warehouse) As the fur mama to two beautiful (but decidedly mischievous) indoor-only ragdoll cats, I’m always on the lookout for fun new kitty toys. So when I saw the Catit range online, naturally I earmarked it as an option for future birthday and…

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