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Feline Behaviour: Nine signs your indoor cat is bored

Cats. Love ’em, or hate ’em (but, really, how is that even possible?), according to the interwebs, we’re still undeniably obsessed with them. And why wouldn’t we be? Between the soft cuteness, the feisty sass and the huggable-sized deliciousness, they’re pretty darn irresistible. So, naturally, it’ll come as no surprise that cats are arguably the most popular…

Tank with the Catit Food Maze

Review: Catit Food Maze

Since I blogged about feline obesity earlier this week, it only seemed fitting that I follow this up with an interesting solution to the chubby kitty epidemic: puzzle feeders. Purchased at the same time as our Catit Senses Play Circuit, the Catit Food Maze was my solution to two perennially hungry Ragdoll kitties: make ’em work for…

Dog resting: Do dogs and cats dream?

Animal Biology: Do dogs and cats dream?

The first time I pondered the question, ‘Do dogs and cats dream?’ was back when my oldest cat, Tank, was a kitten. It had been a quiet afternoon and the family (Tank, Brian and I) were all happily doing our thing. I was pretending to read, Brian was fiddling with his phone and Tank was…

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