Pet Psychology: Five signs you’ve bonded with your pet

We all like to think that we’re our pet’s BFF; their knight and knightress in shining armour, their partner-in-crime, their ally and even their cuddle buddy.

And the truth is that having a good relationship with your pet is as good for you as it is for them. In fact, Dr. Karen Becker believes it could even positively impact both your and your pet’s health and wellness.

“Recent research on the human-animal bond has proved there is genuine chemistry between dogs and their owners. Daily interactions with your favorite furry companion have a measurably positive effect on your biochemistry, thanks to a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin goes by a number of nicknames, including the “hug hormone,” the “cuddle hormone,” the “love chemical,” and the “morale molecule.” Oxytocin is what makes skin-to-skin contact feel good; it’s what makes a great meal so satisfying. This marvelous hormone can also act as a natural painkiller, and can lower stress levels and blood pressure.” Dr. Becker said in an article on her blog.

Even more reason to snuggle up to your pet!

But if you’re unsure whether you’ve really bonded with your pet (because let’s face it, as humans we’re pretty sucky at interpreting our pet’s body language and communication), here are five short and sweet signs you have:

How to tell if you’ve bonded with your pet

  1. Your pet comes when you call. Not because they’re scared you’ll yell at them if they don’t, but because they want to please you and be around you. They’ll also listen to your verbal commands and check in with you on walks for guidance and direction.
  2. They sleep in your presence. Most pets are both predatory animals and animals of prey. Which essentially means that they need to feel safe and protected before they’ll sleep comfortably. So if your pet is happily snoozing by your side, it may be a sign that she feels safe around you.
  3. They seek affection from you. Both humans and pets show and exchange love with physical affection. So if your pet pooch or kitty is rubbing up against you, licking you or cuddling up to you, it’s a pretty good sign she thinks you’re the bees knees.
  4. When poop gets real, they’ll turn to you. Walking with your canine pal when a loud truck scares the heck out of you both? If your pet looks up at you for guidance, then this is a clear sign that he views you as his safe haven.
  5. They are calm and well-adjusted. Anxiety, aggression and fear are sometimes (not always) signs that your pet doesn’t have a strong relationship with you or doesn’t feel safe in your presence. On the flip side, a calm, happy pet that displays confident and positive body language is normally one that has a strong bond with her owner.

Have some other signs that you are your pet are a match made in heaven? Share your pet’s unique quirks (and ways they show you they love you!) by leaving a comment below. 


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  • Cynthia
    October 10, 2015 - 12:23 pm · Reply

    Oh I’m such a sap – everything about animals makes me happy-cry. This article is gorgeous, our beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback sleeps in our bedroom and still tries to sit on us to ‘play’…he’s a big boy who thinks he’s still a pup. Congrats on this stunning website lovely. Off to squeeze my fur pal.xx

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