Crystal Healing for Pets: Guest Post by Naaz Ali

Guest post by Naaz Ali, Earth Elements. 

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I am super excited to bring you a special guest post today from my dear friend, Naaz. Naaz is a gorgeous and spirited Canadian beauty responsible for the heart-fuelled biz Earth Elements. In addition to hand-crafting stunning jewellery and mala’s (she even made a one-of-a-kind crystal necklace for my kitties!), Naaz also runs Reiki, crystal healing and space clearing workshops in Calgary. Naaz has kindly offered her time today to chat with us about crystal healing for pets. ~ Cass 

Crystals are wonderful allies that can support you on your path to happiness and wellbeing. Chances are that if you’re interested in alternative or holistic healing, you’ve experimented with crystals or at the very least have heard about their healing benefits.

But did you know that crystals can benefit your pets too?

How crystals can heal our pets

Because animals are so intuitive and are more in tune with the subtle energies that surround us, they can sense the healing vibrations that crystals offer. I’ve heard stories of a rescue pup curling up with a rose quartz and falling asleep, another dog licking a handful of crystals that had been infused with Reiki, and I’ve watched my cat plop down on top of a kyanite and snooze on it for half an hour.

Our pets are sensitive to the energies of crystals and it’s a wonderful idea to incorporate them into their daily life to support their wellbeing.

It can be easy to get a little overwhelmed with all the different types of crystals out there, especially when you’re not sure of which ones will most benefit your fur babies! So, below I have included a list of some crystals that I find animals really appreciate.


Crystal healing for pets

Rose quartz. Rose quartz is a wonderful crystal for all animals, as it emanates a very gentle, loving vibration. It’s a good support for rescues to feel safe and secure and helps your pet transition to his or her new home with more ease. This is also a great choice if your pet has separation anxiety issues.

Clear quartz. Clear quartz is known as a Master Healer. If your pet is dealing with any types of health concerns, this crystal will support them beautifully.

Smoky quartz. If you have more than one animal in the home and they have a tendency to squabble, smoky quartz is a good crystal to have on hand. It provides grounding energy to your home and clears out any negativity.

Celestite. Celestite is a beautiful crystal that is connected with angelic energies. It has a soft, gentle vibration that will provide a sense of calm and security to your pets. Another great one for rescues!

Kyanite. If you have a particularly intuitive animal in your life, kyanite is a beautiful choice for them to replenish their energy, especially if you are doing any type of energy work that they assist you with. I teach Reiki and do Reiki sessions out of my home and my kitty is always on hand to offer up her healing energy. I find she loves either a rose quartz or kyanite to nap with afterwards!

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How to try crystal healing with your pet

These crystals are a wonderful place to start your pet’s crystal healing journey. Another nice way to select crystals for your fur baby, is to ask your angels, your Higher Self or the Universe to guide you to the best crystals for your pet, before you head out to a crystal shop. You can select a couple and when you come home, give them a cleanse with some sage or incense, lay them out and let your pet choose which one it would like to spend some time with.

You can place a crystal beside them as they’re relaxing, in (or under) their bed, or you can attach one to their collar. Some animals also really enjoy having crystals placed on top of them while they are lying down. It just depends on their personality and how they are feeling in the moment.

An important thing to remember is to be mindful of your pet’s energy while they are with their crystal. If you have a crystal beside them and they start getting twitchy or seem a bit agitated, it’s probably time to take the crystal away. Your pet will most likely let you know when they are done with their crystal by just simply getting up and walking away. Honour their choices and don’t force them to be with a crystal just because you think it would be good for them. Remember, we are caretakers of our sweet animals, and it’s nice to continually develop our connection with them, especially when you are doing energy work together. That means listening to them and being mindful of what they want and need.

And always be sure to cleanse your crystals after each healing session with your pet so their energy stays clear and high! If you have a crystal attached to their collar, it’s a nice idea to cleanse it daily or every couple of days.

With practice, crystals can be a beautiful way for you to connect with your pet and help them find more balance in their lives. It’s so wonderful to be able to share time and energy with your animals and crystal healing is a beautiful way to shower your babies with love and appreciation for all they do for you.

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About Naaz

Naaz Ali is a Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Master, and the founder of Earth Elements. She adores crystals, moon-gazing, dark chocolate and dancing barefoot in her kitchen. Naaz is living out her dreams in beautiful Calgary, Canada and is passionate about spirituality, energy work, and helping wonderful souls create the lives they desire.

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