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Tank the Ragdoll cat

Meet the Family: Tank the Ragdoll

Okay, I’ve just realised that you’re probably less interested in me, the Fauna Philosopher (meh, who cares about the pasty human) and more curious about the real brains – and inspiration – behind this operation: my two kitties. So, to kick things off, please give a warm welcome to … Tank the Ragdoll The first thing you…

Bear the Ragdoll

Meet the Family: Bear the Ragdoll

Bear is the baby of our Fauna Philosopher family. And as the baby, it’s his duty and responsibility to do one thing and one thing only: look really freaking cute. What do you think, does he do it well? I’m going to jump straight into Bear’s fun facts because he truly is the most loveable, sweet…

Who is the Fauna Philosopher?

It all started with a chicken. His name (or possibly her name, come to think of it) was Ingham. Ingham the chicken.* And Ingham, for the first few years of my life, was my bestest friend in the entire world. I cuddled him, he pecked me. I kissed him, he pecked me. I told him my…

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