Meet the Family: Bear the Ragdoll

Bear is the baby of our Fauna Philosopher family. And as the baby, it’s his duty and responsibility to do one thing and one thing only: look really freaking cute.

Bear the Ragdoll

What do you think, does he do it well?

I’m going to jump straight into Bear’s fun facts because he truly is the most loveable, sweet and patient cat I’ve ever met … and doesn’t come with a disclaimer/warning label like Tank does.

Okay, here we go:

Fun facts about Bear the Ragdoll

1 . Even though Tank is predominantly unimpressed by him, Bear adores Tank with every fibre of his being. And when he can, he sneaks in a few kisses and cuddles while Tank is sleeping. Exhibit A:

2. This is his signature move.

Bear the Ragdoll

3. He licks to ‘kiss’ us back when we smother him. The only problem is that he’s quite aggressive with his loving and his tongue feels like a lashing from some medieval torture device.

4. He’s a bit of a scaredy cat. He doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, new places (totally freaked out when we moved house), the car, birds or even remote control cars.

5. He does like the box remote control cars come in though.

Bear the Ragdoll

6. He purrs like a machine. For example:


7. And doesn’t mind taking the odd squinty-eyed, duck-lipped pic with me either.

Bear the Ragdoll

8. He gives me #moodgoals.

Bear the Ragdoll

9. And he hangs around doing this a lot.

Bear the Ragdoll

10. We once lost him (he figured out how to open the sliding screen door) and it was the worst night of my life. Turned out, he was just chilling out at our neighbour’s place. When we got him home, he seemed confused as to why I was crying so much. To this day, when I cuddle him I whisper, ‘I almost lost you’ and then try not to sob.

11. And finally, his favourite things include chasing the red dot, eating, looking out the window and licking our toes when we least expect it.

All in all, we couldn’t ask for a better family member.

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